Gender Wars – the ultimate dinner party game

November 8, 2008

Do you have any idea what’s going on inside the heads of the opposite sex?  Do you know a clutch from a tote – or the offside rules?  Delve into the mysteries of the gender divide in this furiously fun party game – and end, once and for all, the battle of Boys vs Girls.

Nothing fires up a party like a bit of competition.  Pitch the males against the females and find out who knows each other best.  Does he forget to put the seat down – does she sing Tina Turner in the car?  Who’s a better driver?  There’s no place to hide those secrets, habits, and annoying quirks.  Break down stereotypes or bring out the evidence.

The competition’s heating up…
Just like his culinary repertoire, the game’s format is appealingly simple.  You’ll need a clear head and fast thinking skills to emerge victorious.  Naturally, you’ll first be divided into two teams (no fraternising) – males and females.  Each team takes turns to draw a question card. The timer is turned.

You are asked to provide a list of five items on topics such as, “What women carry in their handbags, well, better don’t go there !” or “Male dream jobs,….ah….we know what you lads keep thinking about all the time !”.

If the opposing team can match your answers, they’ll reclaim the points!

Just like a woman asking if she looks good in her party dress, the game is outwardly simple, but oh-so-challenging.

Questions like “Men’s most annoying habits?” ensure plenty of good-tempered arguments. Teams will shout, scream and yell their way to triumph or failure.

Let’s face it: Gender Wars makes other dinner party games and family games look tame in comparison. So bring it out for guests during the festive season, or as an alternative to the Christmas Day movie – it’s perfect for diffusing energy, especially if you’ve been wrestling with a thankless turkey for the best part of the morning!

The boxed Gender Was party game includes: pack of question cards, rules booklet, score pad, sand timer, and pencils.

Gender Wars – the ultimate dinner party game


SHOOT – interactive football DVD quiz

November 8, 2008

Decades of footie trivia for the armchair critic
“Wish list: Season ticket. 1968 match programme.”

Football fans can be difficult to please. But this DVD quiz – packed with footage and teasers about legendary players, games and goals – is a real Bobby Dazzler.

It’s a worthy celebration of the beautiful game, offering up volumes of footie trivia and useless facts.

SHOOT – Interactive Football DVD Quiz Games is a rich source of facts… the kind of thing that everyone else in the pub wishes they’d known first. The kind of useless knowledge that can turn you from Pub Regular into Pub Legend.

This beautifully produced DVD also features hugely enjoyable archival footage from legendary football games. But you’re not allowed to rest the old grey matter – the footage is interspersed with hundreds of quick-fire questions to test the wits of players, fans and critics. Thought you knew football?  You do now…

The perfect gift for him, the SHOOT – Interactive Football DVD Quiz Games provides hours of footie-fuelled entertainment at home: a great alternative when there are no football games on the telly! As well as the interactive quiz questions and footage – some of it unseen – there’s an exclusive interview with experienced commentator Jonathan Pearce.

The quiz format can be enjoyed by just one player, but it’s even more fun with a gang of passionate fans…

SHOOT – interactive football DVD quiz

Indiana Jones Lost City Archaeological Dig

October 24, 2008

Hat: check.  Whip: check.  Annoying sidekick: check.

You’ve got everything but the secret mission.  But that’s about to change – because you can become Indiana Jones for the day with this ingenious ‘Dig’.  This small-scale replica of the Lost City contains half a dozen precious treasures to unearth.  So put on your hat, Indy – your skills are needed!

What’s the story?  In ‘Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’, Indy races against his Soviet enemies to find the mythical Crystal Skull.  But you won’t need to travel so far, or to battle with an evil straight-fringed woman named Irina, because there’s a miniature Skull hidden in this wickedly daft new dig.  Whip out your tools and uncover statues and treasure, discovering a few archaeological secrets as you go.  Your search culminates in the Skull itself – set in a frame of ancient symbols and glowing with all the magic of the myth.

The set includes the dig site, plus everything you need to start your mission: a digging tool, historical artifacts, and a notebook for your findings.  It’s ideal for ages 8+ (but we can’t promise that Dad won’t keep his hands off it).

Don’t forget: you’ll also need 3x AA batteries (not included).

Indiana Jones Lost City Archaeological Dig

Syma Dragonfly Helicopter

October 16, 2007

Syma Dragonfly Helicopter

Presenting the amazing flying experience.

The Syma Dragonfly Remote Controlled Helicopter is a fantastic machine, perfectly suitable to make you an expert Remote Controlled Helicopter pilot. With the 2 channels, it has the required speed and agility to fly as per your direction and be under your total control.

With two fantastic colours
1) Syma Dragonfly Remote Controlled Helicopter – Yellow
2) Syma Dragonfly Remote Controlled Helicopter – Red

You now have the option to test your flying ability. An ideal Christmas present for your near and dear ones. Get the Syma Dragonfly Remote Controlled Helicopter and rediscover the genius in you!

What is zsuaro ?

October 7, 2007

What is zsuaro ?
We are always asked, what is the meaning of zsuaro?
Well, zsuaro means creativity, it means affection, love, friendship, respect, understanding, skills, likes, sentiment, regard, worship, zeal, tenderness, the hots, strength, wild for, flame, fidelity, fondness, ferver, emotions, devotion, crush, devotedness, dedication, delight, attachment, appreciation, adulation, parmour, darling, dear, companion, friend, dearest, valentine, passion, honey, beloved, sweetheart, treasure, spark, prize.

Zsuaro also means, flirtation, romance, seduction. It means, liaison, relationship, tryst, fling, courtship, affair, praise, admiration. Zsuaro is a smile, a bond, an association, an attachment, a companionship. Zsuaro is mates, made for each other, zsuaro means marriage.

All in all, zsuaro is that something, which is nice, which comes directly from the heart, it is that wonderful feeling, which everyone wants to experience.

It is not something which is manipulative or abusive. Zsuaro is not racism, bullying, slavery, adultery, separation or divorce. Zsuaro can never be anything that can cause pain or misery to any living creature on this earth.

— zsuaro —